Laven Soaps Combo Pack – 5 Soaps 100GMS [Aloevera+Charcoal+Papaya+Red Sandal+Sunnipindi]


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Laven Sunnipindi Soap – Sunnipindi Soap is a Natural and traditional soap, a recipe used as a scrub and bath powder since ages.

Laven Alovera Soap – “Aloe vera natural soap is enriched with all sorts of healing ingredients. The ancient plant of immortality has been used in medicinal practices for centuries, aloe vera is famous the world over for its soothing, rejuvenating properties.

Its emollient nature can help relieve dry, itchy skin and also promotes skin healing from conditions like psoriasis.”

Laven Pappya Soap – Insect sting pain reliever, Acne treatment, Exfoliation, Stain remover, Blemishes, Melanin Reduction.

Laven Red Sandal Soap – A purifying and complexion-enhancing Ayurvedic face and body soap that treats acne, sunburn, blemishes, and signs of aging. Contains pure Red Sandalwood oil which is prescribed in Ayurveda for curing various skin related issues like acne, sunburn, blemishes, and premature aging.

Laven Charcoal Soap – Charcoal has a tendency to be drying on the skin, but these bars are infused with cocoa butter, coconut oil, and other emollient ingredients to counteract that effect.

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