Tulasi is a Traditional medicinal plant also known as basil belonging to the family Lamiaceae. A major portion of developing countries still uses the traditional system of medicines.

80% of the rural population of the whole world is dependent on herbal medicines according to WHO. Due to this, the scientists do more research work on the properties and uses of herbs. 

Everyone knows about the Tulasi plant. But most of the people are not aware of the benefits of Pancha Tulsi. Tulsi is an essential plant in medicinal and Hindu traditions.

Tulasi juice considered a panacea. Tulasi has been used as an important medicine in Ayurveda for thousands of years. 

Tulasi is also using in many modern treatments. Tulasi identified as a medicinal plant that has the effect of balancing various processes in the body. So Tulasi is full of stress-reducing and life-enhancing effects.

Pancha Tulasi drops are a liquid made up of 5 types of Tulasi. Pancha Tulasi drops are effective in reducing the harmful microbes from drinking water. 

It is also known for its analgesic, anti-cancer, anti-asthmatic, Antiemetic, anti-diabetic, ant-fertility, anti-lipidemic, and hypotensive properties, etc.

Benefits of Laven

Benefits of Laven

Laven pancha tulasi drops contains anti allergic, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti inflammatory properties. Tulasi is very popular for its various health benefits. As of now, Tulasi is used in about 300 ayurvedic treatments. Tulasi leaves contain many chemical compounds that keep you healthy.

Cold & Cough

Intake 2-3 drops of Laven Panchatulasi in a glass of warm water. It relieves Cold & Cough.

Lower Blood Fat

Intake everyday 2-3 drops in warm water it reduces the body blood fat.

Headache & Stress

Intake 2-3 drops of Laven Panchatulasi in a glass of warm water. It relieves Cold & Cough.


Use 10 drops of Laven Panchatulasi in an Air Cooler, It acts as an anti-bacterial and mosquito repellent.

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Benefits of Laven

Benefits of Laven

Haldi drops is made from the goodness of five rare Tulasi which has antioxidant properties. Laven haldi drops known for its Anti-oxidant, Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, Anti- inflammatory properties. It is having many health benefits and fixes health problems.


Haldi improves the digestion.It forces poisonous substances existing in our body to move out.

Cold & Cough

It also cures a variety of skin elements, Cold, Cough and also has anti-septic properties.

Benefits of Laven Haldi Drops

It has anti-oxidant properties which protect the cell from damage and helps to fight infections.

Stomach Problems

It has incredible benefits against stomach related diseases e.g. Indigestion, stomach gas, stomach pain etc.

Most of the benefits are due to the presence of a compound called curcumin in haldi. It also has anti- oxidant properties which protect the cell from damage and helps to fight infection. It also cures a variety of skin aliments. Curcumin is also has antiseptic properties.


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